Web File Manager

Upload and manage your documents

The ConfettiDisk web file manager offers a powerful and easy way to upload and manage your files. With a user interface similar to the desktop file manager, you can move, rename or list your files like you do it on your computer.

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Mobile Client

Access your documents on the go

iphone ipad android

Synchronize your ConfettiDisk to you iPad / iPhone / iPod touch or Android phone to explore the files on your mobile device. The files are stored on your device to be view or play rapidly, with or without Internet connection.

Android market

Your Secure Online ConfettiDisk

Safely and easily store all your:

Start with ConfettiDisk

Just four easy steps to start with ConfettiDisk:

1) Use the Register button to create an account, it's free and require no personal informations.
2) Upload your files with the web file manager.
3a) Download the iPad / iPhone client from the App Store, it's free.
3b) Or download the android client from the Android Market, it's free.
4) Synchronize your files on your devices, and view or play them on the go.

To upgrade for a larger disk space with a very low rate use the Pricing link.

ConfettiDisk for us

ConfettiDisk for a commercial usage, to share your corporate data (internal procedures, products catalog,...) with your collaborators in an easy and secure way. Keep your team, up to date with the latest version of your documents. A single and simple synchronization followed by an automatique file download, and all documents are viewable without active Internet connection. Keep time for your collaborators, with a fast access to the corporate data.

ConfettiDisk for me

ConfettiDisk for a personal usage, to bring your favorite documents, photos and media files on iPad / iPhone / iPod touch and play them everywhere. The Confetti's web disk is also an easy way to backup and share your personal files between your home, the university or work computers.