Web File Manager

Keep your documents safely in the cloud

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Web file manager on different browsers

The web file manager of ConfettiDisk is compatible with the latest versions of all major browsers.

Chrome Safari
Opera IE FireFox

But for better performances we recommend to use the latest versions of Safari or Chrome browsers, they are built on a optimized Javascript runtime.

Easy to use

Looking like the basic computer file managers, Explorer (PC) or Finder (MAC), the file manager is easy to use with functions like drag and drop, tree, sorting, contextual menu... All basic features are easy to understand and use.

Where are the files

The files are saved in a secure cloud drive. No access is possible without our account id. Stored in cloud you can access our files from everywhere, and of course from your mobile.

Upload all kind of files

You can upload all kind of files, documents, images, music, but also zip, binary... Of course, some of them are not viewable on the mobile device, but you can use ConfettiDisk to backup or share them.

Share folders(*)

Share folders with managed users. Add the privileges to read or write on the folders with a full control.

*  : for individual or business plan only.

Edit document on line

Edit and save the text and html documents from your browser, the updates will be synchronized on your device on the next launch or refresh.

Add annotation

Add any advice, comment, ... to files. An easy way to enrich the information of your files.